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These 9 strategic moves will help you create content as a food blogger

Good food and beautiful food attract attention. However, you will eventually run out of ideas. It is essential to plan in order to ensure that you have an endless supply of interesting content. Click. Crop. Edit. Boom! Boom! I hope not.

Let’s now look at how to start a food blog. Here are some examples of strategies to help you brainstorm and create a general structure for your blog.

1. Make a Storyline

Your meal plan should be shared in a way that keeps your audience with you. Allow them to walk along with you to the office canteen, breakfast table, chaiwali tapri, and pub. Your feed will have a storyline and a sequence. This sequence creates anticipation and excitement about what’s next.

2. Who doesn’t love DIYs!

You can learn how to cook and inspire others. Videos and DIY posts are always popular because they teach something. Perhaps a new skill or a way of upcycling things. In this case, how to make a delicious meal. We can clearly recall how our mothers used be glued to the TV when Sanjeev Kapoor’s Khana Khazana was being shown. A more real example is the fact that most people are aware of Master Chef India.

3. Entertaining Trivias

Trivias are lighthearted, entertaining and informative. Your audience will be interested in the 120-year-old jalebi store that is located around the corner. They can also help you find a breakfast place or introduce you to the first momos spot in the city. People love to eat but they love food that has a story.

4. Explore new places and take food walks

There are food streets in every city. These areas have many food outlets selling delicious food to too many people. Take your audience on a virtual tour through the chaos to enjoy mouthwatering chaats followed by spicy Chinese and authentic bakery desserts.

5. Get help from readers to outsource the task

Once you have established a following, it is time to start receiving feedback and ideas. People may know of many dishes and places they have never tried. They nominate you to be the special one! Sometimes, your audience will ask you to try their recommended samosas. How do you do this? Ask them to DM you their thoughts or questions on Instagram. It is a Pandora’s box that you will want to open, I promise.

6. Get inspired by the bloggers you admire

We will always look up to bloggers whose content we enjoy, and foodies whose research we admire. You are free to be inspired by their work or their content. It is a great thing to do, even if you don’t plagiarize any content or give credit for your inspiration.

7. External resources – Features and entries

Many aspiring bloggers would like you and want a better platform to reach a larger audience. You could be that person. Ask for entries regularly and feature upcoming bloggers. This not only creates content, but it also provides a moment of joy for your followers.

8. Don’t be afraid to give the bait! I love cheap thrills! Contest

Freebies and giveaways are a great way to increase your audience and create content for food bloggers. You should create content that you believe will attract more people. Tag 5 people you want to share the party pack with, ask your crush out, and you could win this fancy dinner at half off.

9. Collaborations – Team effort

Brainstorming sessions are a great way to spark your creativity. Your idea will grow from a simple concept to something that you couldn’t have done by yourself. The juxtaposition of two personalities can be beautiful, and sometimes even cray-cray.

These strategies aren’t all-inclusive. These are just some of the starting points I tried to provide to help your grey matter.

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