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50+ Blog Ideas For Food Bloggers

Writer’s block, I get it. This is why I created this ultimate list for food bloggers with food blog ideas.

These food blog ideas can help you whether you’re a food blogger who specializes in restaurants, cafes or home cooking.


  • Let’s talk about opening a new restaurant
  • Review an existing or new restaurant
  • Interview with the chef
  • Interview with the kitchen staff
  • Interview with the owner
  • Interview with the frontline staff
  • Events in the restaurant industry, locally and internationally
  • A guide to fine dining etiquette
  • Guide to eating in a particular culture
  • The history of the restaurant
  • The best restaurants in a specific area, city, state, or country
  • The best restaurants in a specific cuisine’s area, country, or neighbourhood.
  • The best take-aways from a specific cuisine’s restaurants in a neighbourhood, country, or area are:
  • Your top picks for a particular cuisine in your area, city, or country
  • A list of the best restaurants to cater for a particular occasion
  • List of top restaurants that cater to a particular dietary need (vegetarians, vegans, keto, etc.)
  • Your top chefs and personalities in the restaurant business
  • Restaurants and chefs share exclusive recipes
  • The farm from which the restaurant gets their meats and produce is highlighted
  • Video of the dining experience
  • Video of the chef at work
  • Behind the scenes video
  • Video of the day at the restaurant
  • A beginner’s guide to interior photography in restaurants
  • A beginner’s guide to restaurant photography
  • A beginner’s guide to portrait photography for chefs
  • Guide to buying cameras, lenses, and portable lighting

Home cooking / Home baking

  • Share a recipe
  • Make a classic recipe again
  • 1-pot-wonder recipes
  • Three-step recipes
  • 10-minute recipes
  • Feature an ingredient
  • Highlight the essentials in your home kitchen (sauces and spices, ingredients).
  • Recipes that specialize in a specific cuisine
  • Buying guide for cooking/baking pots, pans, etc
  • How-to post (e.g. How to cut an onion and how to make pasta
  • A review on a kitchen appliance (e.g. Instant Pot, Air Fryer, Oven)
  • A beginner’s guide to food photography
  • Guide to buying props that will elevate your food photography

Vegetarian, Vegan, and Holistic Foods

  • Recipes
  • Make a recipe for unhealthy food healthy
  • A food’s nutritional importance and health benefits
  • Interview with a nutritionist, a holistic/vegan chef, or a health professional.
  • A guide to assist people in making the transition to eating better
  • Featured organic farms that produce 100% organic vegetables and plants
  • We feature the top restaurants that serve healthy, holistic, or vegan cuisines
  • Highlight healthy food that can help a specific situation (food that lowers cholesterol).

Wine, spirits, beer, coffee and other beverages

  • Tour of beverage-making facilities (Winery brewery, distillery, etc.
  • The best places to drink the beverage (e.g. The best cafes and wine bars in your area, city, etc.
  • The history of the beverage
  • The history of the beverage-making ingredient (coffee beans, red wines)
  • The process of making a beverage
  • Guide to making cocktails at home
  • Interview with the winemaker or brewery owner.
  • The best drinks of the year
  • A list of the top beverages you can drink during a holiday, event, or season
  • Events on beverages at local and international levels
  • Feature the most famous beverages from a particular country or place

This ultimate list of topics for food blogs is my hope.

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